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Bayan Maulana Saad Al Khandalawi

Maulana Saad Masyeikh World Markaz, Nizammuddin New Delhi, India Bayan Subuh The decision of the people will be seen from the executed commands. First race also has a religion or commandments, but they melalaikannya some even deny it. But Allah Ta'ala has become a tradition on the peoples they were unaware of any previous religion of Allah, then Allah sent the Prophet to them to give warning. So when they had overreached and ignored the warning has been given, God destroyed the peoples it. The people of religion can find out if they do Da'wah work. If Da'wah is not done then the religion will be lost. Anybody who practice the religion then his life will experience progress or improvement of quality of life. For those who do not know religion, improvement is achieved only through Da'wa. With Da'wah humans will recognize and want to practice the religion of Religion. Without Da'wah then humans would be far from the religion and there is damage in human life. These Ulema are the inheritors of the Prophet's knowledge, the role of scholars in improving the people is very important. If the scholars just sitting around at home then the society will be damaged. Later in the day mizan religion, religious scholars are honored there because their science and there are humiliated because of their science. God will ask for accountability from the clergy are, what they have done for the people. Scholars who are scholars who cursed God's knowledge can not add piety, or fear for himself. Scholars who do not have the worry of people in this world when adzab down, God will inflict adzab this to him beforehand. Like the story of a scholar whose skin does not shudder to see disobedience that occurred in his neighborhood. These clerics do not want to make preaching the Word of God to the angel Gabriel, to reduce Adzab starts from the cleric first. The U.S. Anbiya, do Da'wah work because of fear of Allah. Not because the result of circumstances such as happy, hard, poor, rich, sick, healthy. All U.S. Anbiya Da'wah run because of fear of Allah and do good in any case difficult and happy, in a state of severe or mild, in sickness or health. The U.S. Anbiya never left the missionary work even though they Tortured. And they never asked for even expect to receive the reward even if it is just a thank you. The U.S. Anbiya is doing business on faith and charity through Da'wa so that the damaged environment to be good. But when their prophet died, and the Da'wa has been abandoned, slowly people who had been obedient to turn into infidels. Over this matter, afforded by the Prophet is to involve the friends in order to continue the work Nubuwat this missionary work. This is the business of printing prophet-preacher preachers who will continue the propaganda efforts of the Prophet SAW. Now we will not get anymore even though the Prophet era has become damaged beyond the damage done to the families of the past. Nubuwat work has been inherited the Prophet to the people of this, and will continue until doomsday. Every friend who received the Prophet's Da'wah to Islam, so the first time they do is Da'wah. Similarly every revelation down then ordered by the Prophet is told that is not present here. If Da'wah abandoned the race will be far from God. The first will be revoked by God, if this people leave the Da'wah is taste Please, so this will make them look forward to other than Allah. So a disease that will arise first when Da'wah left is a disease Shirk, because Rasa Please God has gone and changed the taste to the addition Please God or hope to creatures. Secondly, If this Da'wah is abandoned then that will be deprived of human beings is the desire to run the Charity Worship like prayer, reading the Quran, dhikr, zakat, hajj, and others. And last if abandoned Da'wah is deprived of affection towards humans. Without Da'wah then human morality would be damaged, and baatil will arise everywhere. With Da'wa, Religion will come only with Da'wa and religion will be preserved. Da'wah work can only be done when there is sacrifice and mujahaddah. People think that the propaganda was for someone else, but it is preaching to myself. How are we talking about can be embedded in the liver. Only with Da'wa we can know God and gain a sense of love for God. Every believer can fill out and meet the light of faith into his heart through this Practice Da'wah. Only by practice alone can we please God. And this Da'wah is the practice that can bring pleasure and love of Allah Ta'ala. This is the practice of preaching God's beloved. Because someone Da'wah Da'wah also glorified and because someone insulted. As Bilal RA asbab Da'wah work he had previously only a slave, after embracing Islam he was honored by God in the world and the hereafter. In the world he died as governor and before his footsteps meninggalpun been heard by the Prophet SAW diakherat. Propagation of this reason and with God having offended the Pharaoh who opposed Moses Da'wah U.S. in the world and the hereafter. In this world who is not cursed Pharaoh laknatullah alaih. With Da'wah then someone will get Faith, Faith is: 1. Please taste and the Fear of God 2. Confidence in the words of the Prophet Muhammad about the life in the hereafter. If man has no sense of hope in God, then religion would only be a tradition. While the name Religion is putting God's desires above our desires. Nothing is more important than the will of God. The name of a servant is someone who does what his master wants. A good servant is an obedient servant to his master. Faith is the Servitude to God by obedience. Now that people have lost their sense of Please God, so that they lie in Pain Please asbab such as Factories, Shops, Rice Field, Position, and others. Then when dead, they will not bring anything other than vanity. When the Please God in man has been missing them then that will be discussed only asbab and mundane matters only. Nowadays people only talk about the world alone, while the friends who become their conversation was the greatness of God and akheratNya. Today people like to talk about matters that are not valuable. This is because they do not know the value of religious charities. This is why the current work of Da'wah indispensable as a means to know God's people and the promises of God. Without Da'wah humans will not know God and will not know the promises of God. If someone does not have faith, then the sin will menadi expertise such as gambling, stealing, corruption, and others. If the atmosphere of religion has been formed then every sinner will come get punished, because they feel guilty and fear Allah. And this can be realized through Da'wah work. Only by working Da'wah amaliat atmosphere, an atmosphere of religion, will be formed. The best guard in us is faith. If someone does not have faith then he did not have guard the fort. He will be the one that completely dependent on others. His heart will be darkened so it can not differentiate between good and bad. When the environment is damaged very difficult for someone to practice religion. But with the damaged environment Da'wah would be good. Only with Da'wa can we know the importance of religion. Propagation properties without hope in God will not only human beings and a belief lies in asbab. If the nature of human hope arising from asbab then Faith will not form in man. Because it brings people of faith believe in asbab be sure to Qudratullah. Without faith man can not practice the religion. What is religion: 1. Commandments 2. How to Rasullullah SAW 3. Intention Ikhlas Religion that is running all the commandments of God and join SAS Rasullullah all aspects of life with the intention only to please God. We are nothing but created just for us devote ourselves to God. Where over 24 hours we do obedience to what God desire in every time, place and circumstances. All forms of our deeds, should be done with a sense of Ihsan, the feeling of being noticed by God, and Ikhlas, which is solely to please God. Though it's worship in the trade, istinjaa, eat, socialize, and others. Worship is not just in mosques but everything we do with bringing a sense of seeing God and seen by God. If we do not bring every deed we Ihsan in the tendency of these people will act according to his desires alone. People will not be afraid to eat foods that are unlawful, immoral conduct, and mendzolimi others. Haram foods will issue a desire to do anything unlawful. Illicit income would destroy religious manifestation in us. Only with the case or halal foods humans can run the religion and does not damage the charity-charity. All things visible and invisible in the control of Allah. Snakes will not be able to kill without the permission of God, even the snakes will not remain a snake without a permit from the Almighty, may be a stick, like a stick musa U.S.. This religion is all the will-the will of God for human beings. If we fulfill the will of God, then God will fulfill our desires. Only a man can conquer the world religion. Only by running the commands of God the heavens and the earth can be a human subject. As has happened to the friends, walking on the water, bring rain, turn the dead animals and others. Only people who run the commands of God they can have tremendous power. Because of the obedience, the power of God was with them. Like Moses rod into a snake which, like Abraham when thrown into the fire, and others. Everything is God created for human testing. Humans who do not pass the test of God's creation of Allah Ta'ala will be trapped, trapped by the world. For this we need to make sacrifices in the way of Allah so that Allah strengthened our faith with HidayahNya ..... GOD willing, quoted from: Buyaatthailah'blog Posted by Doddy R. Ibrahim at 12:47

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